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About Us

Ideas Lab is an innovation lab and start-up studio focused on launching game changing companies leveraging Artificial Intelligence, machine vision and human pose estimation technologies. Our portfolio companies and client initiatives span multiple verticals, with two industries in clear focus at the moment: sports/athletics and healthcare.

We work with both talented entrepreneurs and corporate partners in the US and Asia, accelerating various AI-driven initiatives in multiple disciplines. The Ideas Lab team brings to the table a passion for intelligent, sustainable solutions to complex challenges combined with industry expertise and business acumen.

Sectors of Interest

Sport / Athletics

Professional and novice athletes, alike, are increasingly turning to quantified data in their training. The pose estimation technologies developed at Ideas Lab can be used for everything from swing analysis of the golf swing to data-driven athletic training, following the mantra that you can't improve unless you can measure.


As heatlhcare today becomes increasingly digitized, the need for objective, quantifiable data for the health & wellness of entire populations grows exponentially. With Ideas Lab's pose estimation AI, we are redefining how patients, healthcare professionals and others in the health ecosystem can leverage patient data.